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Producer: Dow
Polymer type HPC

SURLYN™ ionomers resins family is obtained by partial neutralization of an acid copolymer with a metal salt. In other words, NUCREL™ is the precursor or “base resin” used to produce SURLYN™ ionomers.

General info

The introduction of these metal cations brings to SURLYN™ ionomers a series of special properties among which stand out

  • Outstanding stiffness, clarity, and gloss
  • Excellent oil, grease, and chemical resistance
  • Low seal initiation temperature
  • Very broad sealing temperature window
  • Outstanding thermoformability
  • Excellent seal through contamination
  • Good aluminum foil adhesion
  • Meat/protein adhesion
  • High shrinkability
  • High puncture and scratch resistance

SURLYN™ ionomers Have been widely used in a variety of food and non-food applications like

  • Flow-wrap packaging
  • Cereal liners
  • Medical forming web
  • Meat packaging
  • Vacuum skin packaging (VSP)
  • Barrier shrink bags (BSB)
  • Retail skin and stretch packaging

Furthermore, SURLYN™ ionomers are suitable for different processing methods such as

  • Blown and cast films
  • Extrusion coatings
  • Lamination

The most popular SURLYN™ grades are

  • SURLYN™ 1601 and SURLYN™ 1652 as a heat seal layer provide meat adhesion/affinity, good seal through contamination, improving forming properties, and improve shrink-back for application such as HFFS, VSP, BSB, for processed meat and cheese packaging, and for cereal liners.
  • SURLYN™ 1652 and/or SURLYN™ 1605 as a sealant layer brings direct bond onto aluminum foil, oil, grease, and alcohol barrier, as well as good scratch and abrasion resistance in pouches, sticks packs, and composite cans for soups, snacks, instant coffee, potato chips, and pharma packaging.
  • SURLYN™ 1705 and/or SURLYN™ 1857 for adhesion or seal onto glass and ceramics in yogurts, desserts, and spreads packaging.