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Sipchem EVA

Producer: Sipchem
Polymer type EVA

EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate Copolymer) is a copolymer of PE and VAM (Vinyl-Acetate- Monomer) made in LDPE tubular or autoclave reactors with different levels of VAM from about 2% up to 40% (wt).

EVA is an elastomeric-type material, soft and flexible with good clarity, gloss, low- temperature toughness and stress-crack resistance.

General info

Increasing the level of Vinyl-Acetate in the EVA polymer gives the following change in properties :

  • More transparancy
  • Higher density
  • Higher impact strength / tear resistance
  • Softer, higher elasticity
  • Lower melting point, lower SIT
  • Easier crosslinking
  • Better permeability
  • Higher polarity
  • Increased ESCR

EVA pure or in blends with other materials is used in a wide range of applications and industries:

  • Industrial, agriculture and food blown film applications
  • Flexible profiles and tubes
  • Solar cell encapsulation
  • Wide range of compounds as also for Wire & Cable applications
  • Foams for shoes, building and protection
  • Hot-Melt-Adhesives


SIPCHEM EVA Product Range
SIPCHEM EVA gradeMFI ( 190°C/2,16 kg)VA CONTENT (%)
EVA 1005 CO 1.0 4.5
EVA 2005 CO 2.0 4.5
EVA 2009 CO 2.0 9.0
EVA 2014 CO 2.0 14.4
EVA 5014 CO 5.0 14.4
EVA 2018 CO 2.0 18.2
EVA 2518 CO 2.5 18.2
EVA 3522 CO 3.5 22.0