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Producer: Dow
Polymer type gr-MAH

RETAIN™ polymer modifier allows multi-layer barrier films to be recycled. Until now, it’s been difficult to recycle films containing polar polymers like EVOH and polyamide. They do not disperse well into a polyolefin matrix for recycle/reuse. RETAIN™ Polymer Modifier uses innovative recycle compatibilizer technology developed by Dow. Polar components are coated and encapsulated and disperse well. With further blending, resulting resins allow converters to fabricate new “recycled” films without sacrificing physical or optical properties – and in some cases possibly improve upon them.

General info

  • Gel Reductions – The use of RETAIN™ Polymer Modifier significantly reduces gels in films produced from barrier film recycle streams as compared to other options.
  • Optical Properties – Using RETAIN™ polymers as compatibilizers in EVOH and PA-based recycle content has demonstrated the ability to achieve the same clarity as the control film.
  • Physical Properties – Incorporating RETAIN™ polymers as compatibilizers in EVOH and PA-based recycled content has demonstrated the ability to maintain mechanical properties, particularly maintaining or increasing dart values.

Regardless of the kind and size of an application, the important partnership of RESINEX, DOW and you as the Customer will provide the most economical, most sustainable, most profitable and best performing solution in your country, your market and in your application.


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