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EPDM NORDEL™ IP Hydrocarbon Rubber

Producer: Dow
Polymer type EPDM

Nordel™ IP, produced by DOW Elastomers, a division of the US based Dow Chemical Company, is an industry standard setting ethylene-propylene-diene monomer (EPDM).

Nordel™ IP benefits from Dow Elastomers’ position as a world leader in elastomer products, innovation and technical expertise offering excellent performance and unmatched processing advantages, making it the EPDM of choice for many.

General info

Dow Elastomers’ innovative production process gives Nordel™ IP a consistent structure, thus lending itself to easy processing and end product lot-to-lot consistency.

By choosing Nordel™ IP producers and processors enjoy better control and precision which yields fewer blemishes, defects and rejects and potentially reduces overall production costs.

Primary performance Benefits of Nordel™ IP Hydrocarbon Rubber, EPDM:

  • Exceptional uniformity and lot-to-lot consistency
  • Highly reproducible and predictable results
  • Low catalyst residues for reduced scrap
  • Excellent polymer cleanliness for better part aesthetics
  • Opportunity to reduce processing time and expense while increasing throughput
  • Availability of semi-crystalline grades in granular form


Typical EPDM Nordel™ IP applications:

  • Automotive weather strip, including corner mouldings, processing improvers, hard profiles, Class-A visible profiles
  • Power Transmission belts
  • Automotive hoses, radiator and brake
  • Industrial, garden and appliance hoses – both black and coloured
  • Low-voltage wire and cable jacketing
  • Footwear soling
  • General rubber goods
  • Washing machine gaskets


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