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Producer: DSM
Polymer type PA 66

Akulon® polyamides represent the most versatile, well-rounded property profiles of any engineering plastics. It is the ideal material for high performance applications. Robustness, stiffness and high temperature capability make it highly suitable for automotive, electrical and demanding mechanical engineering applications.

For molded parts, they offer an excellent balance of easy design and processing with outstanding mechanical properties over a wide temperature range and in diverse operating environments.

General info

Main characteristics of Akulon® PA66 are:

  • Resistance to aging at high temperatures and over long time periods.
  • High strength and high stiffness, even under elevated temperatures.
  • Inherent ignition resistance.
  • Excellent di-electrical properties.
  • Good abrasion resistance.
  • Outstanding chemical resistance.
  • Water absorption
  • Excellent cost/performance balance.
  • Hydrolysis resistance.



Standard Akulon® PA66 portfolio for injection moulding

  • Unfilled injection moulding grades
    • Heat stabilised
    • Nucleated and heat stabilised
  • Glass reinforced injection moulding grades
    • Standard glass filled: 15-50% GF
    • Heat stabilised e.g. for automotive applications: 30-50% GF
    • Impact modified grade for toughness and low temperatures: 25% GF

Flame Retardant PA66 Akulon® portfolio

  • Unfilled halogen based grades
  • Glass reinforced halogen based & halogen free, glow wire grades

Akulon® PA66 Extrusion range

  • High viscosity grades for semi-finished goods
  • Medium viscosity grades for tubing and monofilament


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