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Producer: Trinseo
Polymer type SAN

TYRIL™ SAN from Trinseo is a styrene acrylonitrile copolymer resin consisting of styrene and acrylonitrile.

The transparent amorphous thermoplastic TYRIL™ SAN is suitable for injection moulding and extrusion.

General info

TYRIL™ SAN resins are designed by Trinseo to offer excellent chemical resistance, strength, hardness and dimensional stability, all with excellent clarity across a broad range of product applications, including house wares, appliances, automotive, battery cases and lighting. TYRIL™ resins are suitable for self-colouring.

TYRIL™ SAN offers

  • Transparent and glossy
  • Rigid with good scratch resistance
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Easily processing

The excellent combination of TYRIL™’s properties makes it possible to use it in many different markets and applications like:

  • Transportation; safety triangle, instrument panel lens, reflectors
  • Electrical & Lighting; light-diffuser, HiFi display “window”
  • Appliances; mixer bowl, refrigerator/freezer tray, microwave window, drying machine window
  • Consumer goods; food container, toothbrush handle, bathroom items, writing/drawing tools
  • Costmetics; cosmetic jars, lipstick cover, comb
  • Extrusion; shower cabinet, advertising sign, garage door window


TYRIL™ is available with different melt flow rates and different base colours. Several TYRIL™ SAN grades are also available in UV stabilised versions.

Trinseo also offers TRINSEO SAN, with 3 different melt flow rates, without dye which is often used for compounding.

TYRIL™ 790

The key property of TYRIL™ 790 is its high flow that results in excellent processability. TYRIL™ 790 is specifically designed for end-use applications requiring a good balance of physical properties, optical properties (gloss, clarity or opaqueness), heat resistance and practical toughness. It is suitable for thin-wall applications and multi-cavity tools.

TYRIL™ 867E(-UV)

The key property of TYRIL™ 867E is its excellent balance of physical properties, being a true general purpose resin. TTYRIL™ 867E is specifically designed to provide good processability, good chemical resistance and very good strength. This combination of features makes Tyril™ 867E suitable for applications like refrigerator trays, mixer jars and it can also be used for the extrusion of shower partitions. The UV stabilised version, TYRIL™ 867E-UV, has excellent weather resistance.

TYRIL™ 905(-UV)

The key property of TYRIL™ 905 is its superior water-clear clarity compared to the other TYRIL™ resins. Its high thermal stability (reduced yellowing) and low base colour make it a product especially suited for self-colouring. TYRIL™ 905 is designed for applications demanding chemical resistance, heat resistance and good processability. This combination of features makes it suitable for thick-wall cosmetics packaging, thin-wall fluorescent light-diffusers and freezer drawers. The UV stabilised version, TYRIL™ 905-UV, has excellent weather resistance.


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