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Sicoklar® PC

Producer: Ravago
Polymer type PC

The SICOKLAR® polycarbonate produced by Ravago is a range of PC compounds with good mechanical and thermal properties that meet the most demanding needs of different industries such as the electric and electronic, the small appliance, the lighting and automotive industry.

Sicoklar® PC is available as prime compounds to provide the highest quality as well as industrial compounds to offer economic solutions.

General info

According to the different needs, a range of Sicoklar® grades have been developed, each optimising one or more of the above mentioned characteristics.

Next to the standard grades the following groups are also available:

  • Flame retardant
  • Food-contact
  • Extrusion
  • Glass-filled

The complete range of all prime Sicoklar® PC grades is available on request in transparent and opaque colours.


Standard grades

SICOKLAR® PC standard grades are transparent polycarbonate resins that are easy to process in both injection and extrusion moulding.

All standard grades are available on request in opaque, opal and transparent colours and also in UV stabilised compounds.

Flame-retardant grades

The ignition-resistant SICOKLAR® grades are very suitable for all kind of applications that require high standards of fire safety and flammability properties.

Next to the standard UL-listed V-0 grades, SICOKLAR® offers you a halogen-free grade in response to changing environmental requirements.

Glass fibre reinforced grades

The SICOKLAR® glass fibre filled grades offer a solution for these applications where high demand is put on construction properties.

The SICOKLAR® glass fibre filled grades offer:

  • High flexural modulus
  • Excellent processing
  • Good surface quality
  • High thermal stability
  • Low creep

Industrial quality

Next to the extended range of virgin PC grades, SICOKLAR® offers you a wide variety of industrial quality grades. These industrial quality grades are high quality recycled PC resins.

Industrial quality SICOKLAR® grades are available in black and grey colours.


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