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Producer: Ravago
Polymer type TPE-S

Thermoplastic elastomers are a unique class of materials that combine the key processing and recycling properties of thermoplastics with many of the physical properties of thermoset rubbers such as elasticity, low compression set and high flexibility.

General info

Ravago produces a wide range of different thermoplastic elastomer grades. TPE-S, TPE-V and TPE-O, under the brand names Enflex® and Ensoft®, are produced by Ravago’s factory Enplast Turkey and TPE-S, with the brand name Sconablend®, is produced at Ravago Plastics Germany

Sconablend® TPE-S

Sconablend® from Ravago Plastics is a physical alloy between polyolefins (PP/PE) “hard segment” and styrene block polymers (SBS,SEBS, SEPS) “soft segment”, with the addition of different fillers, plasticisers and stabilisers.

Sconablend® TPE-S offers:

  • Hardness range from 25 Shore A to 90 Shore A
  • Very high quality material only using top quality ingredients
  • Good flexibility at low temperatures and aging properties
  • Consistent processing
  • Special packaging (anti lumps) for the lower hardness range < 50 Shore A


Typical TPE Sconablend® applications

Often different TPE’s (like TPE-V or TPE-S) can be seen in the same application, the decision to go for a TPE-O, TPE-V or TPE-S depends on the application’s required mechanical properties (compression set), chemical resistance, temperature use, price, etc.

Because of the very wide portfolio TPE Sconablend® can be seen in many markets and applications:

  • Appliances
    • Discharge hoses and hose connections for washing machines and dishwashers, anti slip shoes or pads, seals and liners, bellows, anti-vibration and shock absorber parts.
  • Automotive
    • Interior console parts, anti-slip pads, gear handle, airbag cover, seatbelt cover, body gasket and seals, mud flaps, window seals and encapsulation, bellows and grommets, spoilers and edge trims, seals for electronic housings.
  • Consumer goods
    • Teething ring, soft touch bathing toys, dolls, wheels for toys, soft touch squeezable objects, handles for sporting equipment, diving flipper shoes and masks, soft protectors/cushions and shock absorbers, glass frames, toothbrush handles, shaver handles and parts, valves and diaphragms, nipples and pacifiers, bed springs, arm rest support, soft touch grip and functional elements for furniture, garden furniture and element parts, ice cube trays.
  • Industrial applications
    • Castor wheels and rollers, seals for toolboxes, handles for tools and power tools, shock and vibration absorption elements for power tools, hoses and hose connections, valves, diaphragms.