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Ravalene® PE

Producer: Ravago

Ravalene® Polyethylene is a range of high quality recycled and industrial quality PE compounds offering an excellent price/properties balance.

General info

Using high quality recycled Ravalene® Polyethylene is not only a very economical, but also environmentally friendly solution for many applications. This environmental aspect is recently accented by many companies in pipe extrusion, domestic appliance or furniture industry sectors.

Ravago is a leading European producer of industrial quality and high quality recycled polyethylene with very high production capacity in several plants across Europe.


The industrial quality Ravalene® Polyethylene portfolio includes:

  • LDPE grades
    • Black and natural colour
    • For film extrusion
  • MDPE grades
    • Black and natural colour
    • For film and pipe extrusion
  • HDPE grades
    • Black and natural colour
    • For pipe extrusion
  • LLDPE grades
    • Black colour
    • For roto-moulding


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