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Polifor PP Compounds

Producer: Celanese
Polymer type PP compounds

Polypropylene-based Compounds.

Celanese Polifor PP compounds – including both homopolymer polypropylene and copolymer polypropylene compounds – are developed to offer customers a wide range of solutions for household, electronic, electrical and automotive applications (injection molding and extrusion).

Through the huge variety of possible features, customers are able to select the Polifor PP with the best cost/performance ratio.

General info

Available Polifor features:

  • Glass fiber reinforced up to 50%
  • Mineral-filled (including talc, calcium carbonate, barium sulphate and mica)
  • Impact modified
  • Flame retardant (including halogen-free)
  • Electrically conductive

Main Polifor properties:

  • High stiffness and abrasion resistance
  • High impact and fatigue resistance
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Low hygroscopic sensitivity

Typical Polifor polypropylene compounds application fields:

Automotive Polifor PP Compounds applications

  • Exterior (bumpers, wheel arches)
  • Interior (dashboard, passenger compartment, door trims)

Consumer goods Polifor PP Compounds applications

  • Household appliances (housings, shock absorbers, washing machine tub, refrigerator trays and shelves)
  • Furniture (chairs, seats, small tables, containers)

Electrical & electronic Polifor PP Compounds applications

  • Engine cover plates, housings, plates for electrical switches


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