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INSPIRE™ PP Compounds

Producer: Trinseo
Polymer type PP compounds

Trinseo Automotive has an extensive product line of polypropylene compounds and systems for automotive applications under the INSPIRE™ brand name.

These materials are approved to key OEM specifications and cover a wide range of performance targets.

General info

Trinseo's talc-filled INSPIRE™ polypropylene resins have been developed for aesthetic automotive applications, with good scratch resistance and UV light stabilisation. They are especially suitable for car interior applications requiring ductility because of their high impact resistance, even at low temperatures.

Besides talc-filled polypropylene resins for interior application, Trinseo offer Inspire™ natural talc-filled performance polymers exhibiting high flow characteristics in combination with a high impact resistance and a high stiffness, which are excellent for bumper fascia applications.

The INSPIRE™ long glass fibre polypropylene resin (LGF PP) is one of a number of systems that helps to improve automotive component impact resistance and durability. The glass content of the moulding material determines the basic stiffness of the component, and increasing the glass content results in improved part stiffness levels. Choosing a material composition and manufacturing process that achieves the desired glass fibre length distribution is critical to meeting the part performance requirements specific to a targeted application. Trinseo’s material science and characterisation knowledge, combined with design engineering, processing knowledge and programme management, allow Trinseo to offer OEM and tier customers the opportunity to meet or exceed vehicle performance targets at lower weight and cost.


INSPIRE™ Grade Overview
GradeApplication% Filler
Bumper fascia (unpainted or painted)
INSPIRE™ TF 0808S/SU High flow, thin wall, high impact TF5
INSPIRE™ DTF 1801.01 S or SU Easy processing, thin wall, high impact TF18
INSPIRE™ DTF 1803.00 SU or S Thin wall, scratch resistant, low CLTE TF12
Rocker panels (unpainted or painted)
INSPIRE™ DTF3800.00 SU or S Rocker panel, exterior, low CLTE TF30
Interior unpainted (or as non ESU for painted)
INSPIRE™ TF1500 ESU Impact resistant, scratch resistant, low gloss TF15
INSPIRE™ TF 1305 ESU Superior scratch resistance and matt appearance TF15
INSPIRE™ TF1602 ESU High flow, high modulus, scratch resistant TF15
INSPIRE™ DTF1600.00ESU High flow, Impact resistant, high modulus TF17
INSPIRE™ DTF 200.00 High flow, high stiffness, covered applications TF20


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