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Celanex® PBT

Producer: Celanese
Polymer type PBT

A fast-cycling resin with high strength, rigidity and toughness. One that exhibits low creep even at high temperatures. One that offers resistance to a wide range of chemicals, solvents, oils and greases. That's Celanex® PBT.

When you add to this list excellent dimensional stability, low moisture absorption and powerful insulation resistance, you get a property profile that explains why Celanex® PBT provided new engineering opportunities when it was introduced in 1969.

General info

Celanese offers a wide range of thermoplastic polyesters that are used in mainly injection moulding for engineering applications. These materials are marked under the trade names Celanex®, Impet® and Riteflex®.

Celanex® PBT offers

  • High strength
  • Good creep properties
  • High HDT, particularly the glass-fibre reinforced grades
  • High hardness
  • Good low-friction properties and wear resistance
  • High dimensional stability (low water absorption)
  • Good electrical properties
  • Good resistance against wide range of chemicals, solvents, oils and greases
  • Good weathering resistance
  • No environmental stress cracking
  • Paintability
  • Flame-retardant grades available (UL94: V0, in some cases 5 VA)

Typical applications of Celanex® PBT

With the wide range of melt viscosities Celanex® can be used for injection moulding (e.g. oven door handles, drug inhaler parts) and extrusion techniques ranging from melt-blowing of fibres to production of rod and slab, filter buffer tubes or brake cable liners.

To also name some examples for possible reinforced application; automotive ignition and electrical system parts, connectors and sockets, switches, bobbins and motor housings and insulation, appliance housings, handles, part for car wipers and mass air flow sensors.


Celanex® PBT is supplied in many different formulations, providing a wide range of properties and can be divided into following groups with only some grades mentioned.

Celanex® unreinforced grades

These differ primarily in their viscosities (flow properties) and molecular weights make both injection moulding and extrusion possible like Celanex® 2002-2, a medium flow PBT with high elongation and Celanex® 2500, a high flow PBT with short cycle times.

Celanex® glass reinforced grades

These contain glass fibres or glass spheres with different filler content like Celanex® 2300 GV1/20, an approximate 20% glass fibre filled grade and Celanex® 2300 GV3/10, an approximate 10% glass sphere filled grade.

Celanex® high gloss reinforced grades

Beside the glass fibres this blend is characterised by a higher gloss than the standard reinforced grades like Celanex® 2302 GV1/15 or Celanex® 2302 GV1/30 10/0242 black.

Celanex® flame retardant (RoHS compliant) grades

These unreinforced and reinforced grades comply to UL 94 V0 like Celanex® 2016, an unfilled V0 (0.8 mm) PBT grade and Celanex® 3316, an approximate 30% glass fibre filled V0 (0.4 mm) PBT grade.

Celanex® non-halogen flame retardant (RoHS & WEEE compliant) grades

These unreinforced and reinforced grades comply to UL 94 V0 like Celanex® XFR 4840, an unfilled V0 (NC; 0.75 mm) PBT grade and Celanex® XFR 6842, an approximate 20% glass fibre filled V0 (NC; 0.4 mm) PBT grade.

Celanex® speciality grades

This group includes all grades which can’t be assigned to one of the above groups like:

  • Celanex® X500/2, a high flow PBT with FDA & BgVV
  • Celanex® J600, a glass fibre/mineral filled grade with excellent warpage resistance and surface gloss
  • Celanex® 733LD, a 30% glass fibre filled PBT alloy that exhibits low warp characteristics
  • Celanex® 4022, a white PBT grade with high opacity and light reflection


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